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Woman in China Diagnosed With 22cm Ulcer After Hot Pot

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According to Beijing Youth Daily, a woman with surnamed Zhang, started feeling pain in her throat and chest after having hot pot with her friends on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2019.

Credit : Beijing Youth Daily

She also felt like there was something stuck in her throat whenever she swallowed her food. The discomfort persisted even after she returned home.

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Furthermore, she started feeling nauseous, and even vomited  blood.But, at first she was thinking her throat might have simply been injured by some kind of bone or charred rice crust that she ate, Zhang thought it should be fine.

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After a night’s rest, Zhang’s condition did not improve. Her throat still felt strange the next day, and she even had trouble swallowing her saliva.

Again, she vomited blood that night. Thus , She go to the hospital the next day.

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After hearing what happened to Zhang after a hot pot meal, the doctor at the hospital thought her oesophagus might have been scalded by the hot food she ate.

He then recommended her to go for an endoscopy to check her oesophagus and stomach.

Credit : Beijing Youth Daily

The check-up revealed that she had a 22cm long ulcer along her oesophagus. The doctor also diagnosed Zhang with antral gastritis, which is inflammation of the antral portion of the stomach.

Credit : Beijing Youth Daily

The doctor also advised Zhang not to consume hot food and drinks too quickly as not only can it hurt the oesophagus, such a habit can even lead to cancer in the long term.

Credit : Beijing Youth Daily

According to the International Agency For Research On Cancer (IARC), consuming very hot drinks of temperatures over 65 °C increases the risk of oesophageal cancer.

Zhang also said does not dare to wolf down hot food anymore.

Source : Beijing Youth Daily