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Xiaomi Security Camera User Seeing Footage of Other People’s Homes

So-called “smart” security cameras have had some pretty dumb security problems too.

A Reddit user, was trying to stream footage from his Xiaomi security camera into the display of his Google Nest Hub, However what he get is the footage of homes of other people instead. What?!

Credit : Reddit

He does state that both the Nest Hub and the camera were purchased new. The camera was purchased from AliExpress and noted as running firmware version 3.5.1_00.66.

Some footages that he shared for other homes:

The camera used was the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p. The Google Nest Hub, for the uninitiated, is a tablet-like smart display with a speaker.

Users can also use the Google Nest Hub to control compatible lights, camera, TVs and other devices at home.


Anyhow, a Google employee, identified only by her first name Rachel, has since responded to the thread on Reddit with the following statement:

Hi everyone,

Late night on January 1st, we were made aware of an issue where a Reddit user posted that their Nest Hub was able to access other people’s Xiaomi camera feeds. We’ve been working with Xiaomi and we’re comfortable that the issue was limited to their camera technology platform. While we worked on this issue with Xiaomi, we made the decision to disable all Xiaomi integrations on our devices. We understand this had a significant impact on users of Xiaomi devices but the security and privacy of our users is our priority and we felt this was the appropriate action.

We’re re-enabling Xiaomi device integrations for everything but camera streaming after necessary testing has been completed. We will not reinstate camera functionality for Xiaomi devices until we are confident that the issue has been fully resolved. We’ll keep you updated with information as more becomes available to share.



We sincerely hope they will solve the matter ASAP. This is pretty scary.. i can’t accept when other people can actually see what happened in my living room.

Source : Reddit | Android Police