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Have you Ever Seen a Company Named MedicalLex Selling Masks Online? It’s a SCAM..

Photos Credit to: Shoppee | Channelnewsasia


If you’ve been on Facebook recently, I’m sure you’d have seen a MedicalLex advertisement.

The design of their page and website look professional and even the name of the company sounds ” atas”. The fact is the masks is not cheap at all, they are selling it at USD28.99 for 50pcs.

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Credit : Sinchew

But , you know especially when you are in KL. You hardly get masks in pharmacy. Most of the time they are running out of stocks. Thus, some of us might be panic and trying to source it online.

And there you go .. They saw this Facebook advertisement, although it’s pricey but still they desperately need it. They check the website.. Ta-da with  “70,000 happy customers”, and even had good reviews online. Sounds convincing ,right?!

Credit : MedicalLex

A 23 yo woman in KL was convinced that it’s a legit page after seeing how the Page has responded to questions—not to mention that there are positive feedback on the page, too.

she “queued” for a few minutes, and when she was in, she immediately bought five boxes.

The countdown that created a sense of urgency, she immediately bought it. She just spent RM869 for five boxes of masks.

Unfortunately, she didn’t received the masks. But what irked her is that when she tried to comment on the Facebook Page, her comment was allegedly deleted.

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Police spoke person said currently they are investigating 25 scam cases related to face masks and urge the people who would like to purchase any mask online to check the company details before any purchase.

Source : Sinchew