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New Rilakkuma Bucket Set is Coming Soon this March !

Photos Credit to:Major Cineplex | salehere/Twitter

Head Up Rilakkuma Fans, there is another great Rilakkuma merchandise ahead !

Credit: rilakkumaworld

If you ever been to Thailand recently, you may check on Thailand Major Cineplex as they had launched the latest Rilakkuma Bucket Set !

▼ Rilakkuma Bucket Set

Credit: salehere

The bucket set include popcorn buckets and water cup. You should be wondering, “where is the popcorn bucket?

Open these cutty and Tada….here’s the popcorn ! Is Movie time…

Credit: salehere

a little bit details on the cup, there’s a sentence goes “Rilakkuma feels happy and relaxed everyday”..yeah..i wish to have Rilakkuma life as well..haha..

Credit: Salehere

The price is only 320 baht (approximately RM42.47) per set only and the promotion start on March. If you happen to visit Thailand on March, you may get them at the Major Cineplex.

Source:Major Cineplex | salehere/Twitter