RFID Tag Fitment Will Cost RM35 from Feb 15! You Can Get Tag Fitment for FREE from the following Location! Check This Out!

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Touch ‘n Go has announced that from Feb 15, its RFID tags will be priced at RM35 for purchase at fitment centres nationwide.

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Currently, the RFID tag fees are waived as part of a pilot programme to encourage sign-ups that began in 2018. The RM35 purchase comes with a free first-time replacement on the same vehicle for when users need to get a new RFID tag.

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Touch ‘n Go chief executive officer Syahrunizam Samsudin said the company has invested in one million TNG RFID tags for Malaysians during the pilot programme for the past 18 months.

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“Now it is time for us to move forward and continue to expand the use of RFID technology together with our partners across the mobility ecosystem. This includes fuelling, parking, and retail drive-thrus,” he said in a press statement.

However, if you wanted to get a free tag fitment before 15 Feb. You may check out the following location:


Kuala Lumpur

▼ Kuala Lumpur

▼ Kuala Lumpur


▼ Selangor




Source : The Star | RFID