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10 Medical Staffs Need To Be Quarantine, Patient In Same Ward In ICU After Covid-19 Patient Lied About Tabligh Link

More than 10 medical staffs who includes doctors, nurses and heath staffs have been forced to self quarantine after a man who tested positive for Covid-19 hid his link being in touch with people that attended tabligh event in Kuala Lumpur. Not only that, but poor patient who stay in the same ward need to be warded in ICU as he is infected with Covid-19 too.

A doctor from Hospital Kuala Lumpur ( HKL) Doctor Samhan posted on Facebook on Mar 25 sharing his colleagues experience in meeting this irresponsible citizen that was not telling the truth that might put someone else life in danger.


“Saya tengok hasil Xray dada encik teruk. Betul ke encik tak ada kontak rapat dengan jemaah tabligh atau pesakit positif…

Posted by Ahmad Samhan on Rabu, 25 Mac 2020


The doctor found the X-ray results suspicious and asking the man whether he did in touch or any close contact with tabligh congregation or Covid-19 patient. Even after many times questioning the man, he answer is still “No” and impatiently saying ” How many times do i need to answer. Is it so hard for the doctor to understand my answer?”

Credit : Towarddatascience

The doctor then passed him to the emergency expert and it’s more than 3 times the emergency expert asked the same question whether he did in touch or any close contact with tabligh congregation or Covid-19 patient.

” I want you to be honest, it’s true that you don’t have a close contact?”

His answer is still the same ” NO!”

Since he do not have close contact and the doctors decided to put in a normal ward for pneumonia infection (lung infection).

Unfortunately, 2 days later the doctor who warded him was informed he need to be quarantine and undergo the Covid-19 test because the man he warded is a Covid-19 patient.

Credit: liputan6

Afterall, the man admitted that he had a close contact with the tabligh congregation at a wedding ceremony.

Sadly, the other patient who was in the same ward with the man was infected too and he is currently under critical stage in ICU.

Dr. Samhan added as a doctor, they promise to work their best treating the patients and they just need everyone to be honest to the medical staffs. Telling lies will put everyone life in danger. There is no religion that encourages lies and being honest is the only way to get problem solved.

Source : Facebook