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After a Month of Eating Dog Food, He Lost 13.6kg and Sees Drastic Change in Health

Photos credit to :Youtube | The Guardian

Mitch Felderhoff, who owns Muenster Milling, a pet food company in Texas, wanted to prove his company’s dog food is the best.

“At the end of the day, we’re not going to give your dog something if we haven’t eaten it ourselves,” Mitch said.

So for 30 days, He ate nothing but dog food and he documented the whole journey on social media.

In just 30 days, Mitch lost 13.6kg, his blood sugar and blood pressure went down significantly and his cholesterol dropped 60 points.

Credit : wfaa

“I put people on cholesterol-lowering meds and they don’t have as good as results as Mitch had on dog food,” said Amy Dangelmayr, Mitch’s family nurse practitioner.

Mitch is doing this for a good reasons, like raising the awareness of animal obesity and promoting pet adoption.

Mitch says he’s never been this healthy in his life. In fact, he feels so good, he plans to keep dieting like a dog.

“Not eating dog food, but I’m eating once a day and I’m eating what I need,” he said.

Credit : Guardian

“I would not recommend dog food, but at the end of the day just eat less and eat less junk.”

Well, I agreed with his last statement to lose weight and for a better heath, we don’t need to eat dog food but just cut down your food portion and say NO junk food.

Source :Youtube | The Guardian