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Chow Yun Fat bids farewell to his mother, who dies at 98

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Two days after Aaron Kwok held a funeral for his mother on Mar 5, his Project Gutenberg (2018) co-star Chow Yun Fat also bid  farewell to his mother.

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Chow’s mother Chan Lai Fong, who died in her sleep at the age of 98 on Feb 13, was cremated on Mar 7, his wife Jasmine Tan told Hong Kong’s Apple Daily. The ashes of Chow’s mother would be placed together with Chow’s father at Lamma Island, their family home.

“She had an early dinner before went to sleep on the night of her passing,” Jasmine said. “The domestic helper called us after there was no response from her.”

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She added that her husband Chow was fine as he has been mentally prepared.

According to the Hong Kong media, Chow’s mother was hospitalised last December for ailments common to the elderly. Chow, 64, visited her in hospital then and told the media his mother has to take liquid food due to her age, and would be discharged from hospital if she can eat porridge.

He added then that his mother was ill but still very alert and even asked him to go home when she was in hospital.

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Jasmine said Chow has always been a low-key person, and due to the coronavirus outbreak, he invited only close relatives to the funeral which held on last Saturday morning and did not invite friends from the entertainment industry.

Jasmine had also mentioned before that she would prefer her children to be filial to her when she was alive, and a grand funeral would be useless to her. Thus Chow, being a filial son, held a simple funeral according to his mother’s wishes.

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Chan Lai Fong, who married Chow’s father when she was 17, won an Outstanding Mother award at the World Outstanding Chinese Awards in 2008. She said humbly when she received the award that she told her children not to do any harm to society when they went to work in society.

She raised her 4 children almost single-handedly as Chow’s father worked on a tanker and was out at sea most of the time.

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She was also very proud of Chow and would watch all his movies. Chow is famous for acting in movies such as A Better Tomorrow trilogy (1986 to 1989), God Of Gamblers movies (1989,1994) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).

Source : The Star