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Couple Come Out with Creative “Drive-thru” Wedding Ceremony due to Covid-19 Outbreak

Photos credit to DinasBridal

What would you do if your wedding falls within the period of Movement Control Order( MCO)?!  cancelled or postpone it? it’s a tough decision..but Hey, don’t panic guys, we have some creative netizens that show you how to do a wedding during CMO !

The creative “drive-thru” wedding of this Malaysian Couple went Viral with 11K share and 7.4K share !

This couple’s wedding is creative though, is not the traditional wedding ceremony that we use to see. It is a “Drive-thru” Wedding !

In order to reduced the possible contact, there is no handshake throughout the ceremony !

So where the drive thru that we’ve been waiting for ? Here you go,  “Ta Bao” please…

How about the gift money? No worry…the couples make a box to avoid contact with others. Smart move !

In Malay weddings ceremony, usually they will have handshake, guest gathered around, taking pictures and so on, but these couples decided to make it simple.

▼ Netizen somehow find the idea not bad ,because it’s cost saving !

▼Some even thought of the “drive thru” wedding before!

▼Some of them would prefer to postpone it or just cancel the wedding ceremony.

Well, there is no RIGHT or WRONG in this issues, most importantly the couples themselves happy with the outcome. Kudos to the couple ! They did the good move on this tough time. I’m sure most of the guests might probably reminisce this special, creative “drive-thru” wedding even after years !

Source: DinasBridal