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Covid-19 Patient In “Extreme Pain” Is Finally Discharge From Hospital

Source : The Star 

Photos credit to The Star | xinhuannet

A 31-year-old Malaysian, Hamdan Hashmuddin who had previously spoken about his “extreme pain“ due to Covid-19 has finally been discharged from hospital on Tuesday ( Mar 24).

Credit: The Star

He was earlier treated in Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban and then being transferred to Rembau Hospital .

“I would like to thank all the staff at Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar and Hospital Rembau for looking after me with the utmost of care, ” he said in a Facebook post.

Alhamdulillah.. Doktor membenarkan saya pulang hari ini.Syukur ya allah..Saya ingin berterima kasih kepada semua…

Posted by Hamdan Hashmuddin on Isnin, 23 Mac 2020

He also thanked those who prayed for him and urged everyone to pray for all those diagnosed with the disease

“May this disease pass and leave Malaysia, ” he said. Yes ! We are praying for that too..

Hamdan shared with The Star of his experience with the disease, saying that he was in extreme pain and struggling to breathe when he got to know that he was diagnosed positive for it.

Credit : The Edge

He had himself tested after both his parents were found to be positive for Covid-19.

Hamdan had said that unlike him, both his parents did not show any symptoms throughout their stay in the hospital.

“I want people to know that by self-isolating, they are not only helping themselves but others as well.

“This is a serious illness. For those who do not show any symptoms ( no fever, no cough and no breathing difficulties ), they would not know about their status unless they are tested, ” he had said, adding that people should be aware that they could pass the virus to others despite having no symptoms.

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As of Tuesday (March 24), We have 1518 positive cases detected and 14 people have died as of yesterday and a while ago we have 1 more reported death which add up to 15 reported death.

During MCO, please everyone ! Just #StayAtHome #dudukrumah ..