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Factory in Thailand Recycles And Sells Used Face Masks

Because of Covid-19 virus, mask prices have skyrocketed everywhere and there are shortages. Hence, a criminal group in Thailand had noticed what the public need in this critical period.

A recycling factory in Saraburi province in Thailand was raided by police on Monday (March 2). It was found that the facility illegally recycled used face masks and resell them as new.

Source: phunuonline

The police found six workers sorting out thousands of white masks which are from a dealer of unknown origin.

The workers were instructed to wash the used face masks with washing machines, iron and repackage them before selling again as new.

Source: phunuonline
Source: nationthailand

“Workers said they were all paid 1 baht (RM0.13) per piece, while they finished recycling 300-400 masks daily per person” The chief officer said.

For investigating the origin, officials had seized all the face masks from the factory and sent some samples to the Ministry of Commerce. They will collect more evidence before taking legal action.

Source: nationthailand

The chief officer added, “I have also contacted Wihandaeng Public Health Office to press charges at the police station as a plaintiff against the factory, as its operation could jeopardise the health of people who buy the used face masks as well as those in the community near the factory.”

Source: nationthailand

Responses of netizens: 

▼ Some suggested to tear it or cut it before discard the mask.

▼ Some are making fun of it and said ironing might kill the germs but yaks!! it’s disgusting..

▼ Some urge not to buy mask from unknown sources!

Source: nationthailand

There are 43 cases of Covid-19 in Thailand and one died. The epidemic has spread to more than 50 countries, prompting the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a global health emergency.

Source: The Straits times | Yahoo news