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Foodpanda Riders Give Out Food And Drinks To The Homeless For Free!

A lot of people are affected by Movement Control Order (MCO), businesses are badly hit and some daily wage earners even need to struggle for 3 meals a day. Yet, some of us still complaining that staying at home is boring and even feel upset just because they can’t enjoy a slap-up meal as usual right now. But have you ever thought of homeless?

A post from a Facebook page went viral yesterday, a group of Foodpanda riders show their concern to the homeless who are always overlooked by people.

The post was written: “Several Foodpanda riders distribute some food to the homeless for FREE. It is not the first time that they did in this area of Ipoh but the 4th day. “

As we can see from the photos, there are some kind-hearted Foodpanda riders approaching people who sleep on streets. They stopped their motorcycles by the roadside and gave them some food and drinks.

Although it wasn’t a big feast, but the love from the riders is the most precious and priceless!

The homeless were touched and grateful receiving those meals.

These Foodpanda riders might not be rich, yet everyone of them has a golden heart. It is how One Malaysia should be! They definitely deserve our respects! Hats off to you !!!

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Source: Visit Perak 游游霹雳 / Facebook