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Goo Hara’s Brother Writes A Touching Message Asking Her To Be Reborn As His Daughter

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Goo Hara‘s brother, Goo In Ho, uploaded his wedding photos and the ultrasound of his first baby. In the caption, he wished his wife on their 2nd anniversary that’s also her birthday and went on to leave a heartfelt message to her sister Goo Hara. Sob Sob…

Goo Hara was discovered dead in her home on 24 Nov 2019.

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Goo Hara and her brother’s parents had divorced when they were young. The parent left them to be raised by their relatives and rarely contacted them.

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He had prayed that his sister would be reborn as his daughter so that he can raise her with all the love that they didn’t get from their parents growing up. And to his delight, he recently found out that they are having a daughter!

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He revealed that Hara used to look forward to her first niece or nephew, vowing to shower them with everything that they wanted like the best doting aunt.

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오늘은 2번째 결혼기념일이자 사랑하는 우리 서현이 생일인날..그렇게 영양제까지 사줘가며 조카보고 싶다던 노래 부르던 우리 하리.. 첫째는 뭐든지 다해준다며 대학까지보내준다던 내동생.. 입관식대 오빠딸로 태어나주라.. 우리가 친모에게 사랑 못받고 큰만큼 오빠가 사랑주며 잘키워줄게 라고 빌었는데 일주일 뒤 바램이 이루어지고 딸이네.. 이름은 너가 이쁘다던 하린이로 지었어 조카가 잘 태어나고 잘크게 지켜봐줘.. 일주일만 더 빨리 소식을 알았더라면 이런일이 발생했을까..? 미안하고 너무 보고싶다.. @kim_seo_hyun 사랑하고 생일축하하고 우리하린이 잘 키워요

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The message of the caption is as follow:

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary as well as the birthday of my beloved Seohyun..

Our Hari (her brother’s nickname for Hara) used to buy us supplements as she couldn’t wait to see her first nephew or niece.. My sister used to go around singing, vowing she would do anything for her first nephew or niece, even sending them to college..

I hoped you’d be reborn as my daughter.. I prayed that I would raise you with all the love that we didn’t get from our own parents, and just a week later, it came true. It’s a daughter..

We named her Harin, the name you said was pretty. Please look over your niece so that she grows up well..

I wonder, would this have happened if we had known this a week earlier..? I’m sorry, and I miss you so much.. [Seohyun], I love you, happy birthday, and let’s raise our Harin well.

— Goo In Ho

We hope soon Goo Hara’s brother will have a beautiful little girl that looks like Goo Hara.

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