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Having Iced Drinks May Risk Your Life! Malaysia’s Health Ministry Said Covid-19 Can Possibly Spread Through Ice!

The weather is so hot lately, i think most of us like to order some icy cold drink when we are out for lunch. I’m definitely one of them ” Ice lemon tea , please!”

However, during this period of Covid-19 outbreak, we might need to think twice before ordering an icy cold drink!

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Malaysia’s Health Ministry(KKM) had published a statement earlier on to warn Malaysian to be aware while having iced beverages. The statement revealed that Covid-19 could possibly¬† spread through liquid.

Therefore, consumers are urged to buy ice which produced by factories operating with licenses to avoid the transmissions of Covid-19.

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Consumers are not advised to purchase ice which from unknown sources as we do not know the source of water used to produce ice cubes in the market.

Some ice manufacturers may not boil the water or properly disinfect the water before freezing.

According to the official statement, there are 156 ice factories operating with licenses in the country, meanwhile 16 factories are still pending approval.

According to the Food Regulations 1985, ice factories must use treated water to produce ice. And it’s a must to go through sterilization by various technologies including ion radiation and ultraviolet.

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Prevention is better than cure! i think from now on, i will try not to order drink with ice cube but i can still buy can or bottle drink in the chiller.  

Source: KKM / Facebook | The Star