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Illusion Grid Shirt By Japanese Designer Solves Flat-Chested Problems!

Woman out there, I always puzzled by the flat-chest problem. Any of you encounter the same problem like me ?!  And we couldn’t wear certain clothes as good as per expected, or sometimes even being teased by the people around us.

Girls, you can stop sighing now! We just found a solution for you .. no plastic surgery .. no medicine .. no side effect at all .. ahhha..All you need is just getting a t-shirt. Sounds incredible.. yet it’s true!

Few days ago, a fashion company from Japan, ekoD Works had shown their latest arrivals on the Facebook. The post went viral with 14.7k shares and 6.1k comments in just two days.

You must be curious why is this post went viral. It’s just a normal-looking t-shirt with grid design. However, when you focus on the chest … wooow.. It’s eye catchy !!!

▼ Black

When you look at the side, you will find out the difference and also the fact: the grid is actually an optical illusion! it’s definitely a lifesaver for the flat-chested women!

This miraculous designs came by a Japanese artist, Takayuki Fukusawa who leads EkoD Works. He has his own concept behind the work, he always says, ”Making a world full of humorous art and design.”

The post was written, ” The new “Mousou Mapping T-shirt / illusion grid” is scheduled to be released in mid-April.”

▼ Night blue

Netizens’ responses: 

▼ It’s definitely a good news for us!

▼ However, the men have different opinions..

▼ Apparently, this netizen had lost his faith..

▼ Some netizens said: I think I have nothing to change! Nothing’s wrong!

In fact, the “Mousou Mapping T-shirt” isn’t the first design work of this concept by EkoD Works. They had released their very first illusion grid shirt by three years ago. Now, they’ve made a new design for this concept and more attractive!

Anyway, I’m very exciting for looking forward to the release. Hopefully we can get it in Malaysia!

Source: ekoD Works/Facebook