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Kind-Hearted Chinese Landlord Gives 1 Month Free Rental to Malay Tenant During This Tough Time

Movement Control Order (MCO) will be extended until Mar 14, a very kind-hearted landlord  worried that his tenant’s will be struggling to stay afloat during the shutdown. Thus, he make a decision that the tenant DO NOT need to pay rental for a month.

Credit : The Star

Our PM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that MCO will be extended for another 2 weeks until Mar 14 due to the trend showed new Covid-19 positive cases had spiked.

Some of the people are daily wage earners , shutdown means no income for them.

A Malay netizen named Siti shared her text conversation with her landlord in social media.. and most of the netizens commented ” I’m so envy !..”

Her post came with a caption ” My in law’s landlord is so nice !! p/s : the rental is RM 600 , weihh”

This Chinese landlord known as Eng, addressed her as ” dik” , was telling her the coming month she do not need to pay the rent.

He also mentioned now it’s the tough time for everyone, a lot of people do not have job because of Covid-19. He suggested Siti to spare the money on rent for necessities! He also ask Siti to send his regards to her dad.

Siti is very happy and thank him for his kind act. She added although they have different religion but he is treating her family very well.

Siti’s post went viral, which garnered 3.1k of likes and 9k of shares since she posted on FB yesterday.

▼Most of the netizens praised the landlord for his kindness and said this is what ” One Malaysia ” suppose to be ..helping each other despite of religion and race

▼A netizen also shared his/her chinese landlord also give a 25% discount on rent.

▼Opps .. some shared the owner never thought of rental deduction at all and tell them even in advance to pay rental as normal.

▼ Some netizen hope their landlord will read this post too ..most of them envy Siti to have such a understandable landlord.

Source : Facebook