Korean Woman Tests Positive for Covid-19 After 1 minute in Lift With Infected Person

Photos Credit to thequint | liputan

A woman has tested positive for Covid-19 after being in the same lift as an infected patient.

The incident happened in South Korea where there are 7,513 confirmed cases and 54 reported deaths as of Mar 10.

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The 40 year-old-woman who works as a civil servant in Seongdong-gu, Seoul was suspected to have been infected after being on a lift with an infected patient in her residential building. Both did not have their face masks on.

President of the Korean Medical Association, Choi Jae-wook said that the narrow space in lifts makes it difficult for passengers to maintain a safe distance of more than two metres and the virus could be transmitted through tiny droplets in the air.

Credit : The Sun Daily

It was also possible that the virus was transmitted through contact with elevator buttons.

People in China use toothpicks and lighters to avoid pressing lift buttons amid coronavirus outbreak. Check out the video below:

But, anyway it’s important to have a good practise of personal hygiene. We are often reminded to always use hand sanitisers and to frequently wash their hands with water and soap, and avoid touching their face in public places.

Source : The Sun Daily | SCMP