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Malaysian Athletes Stay Fit and Beat Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic may have forced everyone to be confined in their homes due to the movement control order (MCO) announced by the Government lately. However, it doesn’t stop our national athletes to find ways to stay active.

Up-and-coming national tennis player Christian Didier Chin may be missing the outdoor life but he is determined not to miss out on sweating out. Christian continues to exercise and hit tennis balls at home.

Credit : The Star (Tennis player Christian Didier Chin practicing at home)

Olympic silver medallist Chan Peng Soon, meanwhile, has put up a video on his Facebook page showing him trying to flick the shuttlecock into its container. That’s about as accurate as you can get with a shot.

不进…不进…再不进…🏸🏸🏸 生气😡 #stayhome #staysafe #chanpengsoon

Posted by PS Chan ( 陈炳顺 ) on Ahad, 22 Mac 2020

National hockey players Hairi Rahman and Haziq Samsul also uploaded some interesting training videos as they keep fit during MCO.

Credit : The Star (Hockey player Haziq Samsul showing his dribbling skills at home)

With his young child watching and mimicking his moves, goalkeeper Hairi was skipping, running on the spot, doing sit-ups and push-ups at home.Striker Haziq is seen practising his dribbling skill with his target being a pail at the other end.

Dribbing past five full-face motorbike helmets on the floor of his shop, Haziq then moved past a hanger and car tyre before flicking the ball onto a bench which had another helmet spiralling on a gadget.He flicked over that as well before neatly putting the ball into a pail.

also put up an interesting video that has been viewed more than 5,500 times.

Credit : The Star (Cyclist Zamri Salleh showing how he keeps himself fit)

The video showed the Terengganu Cycling Team rider balancing his bike while attempting to climb the stairs in his house.

Let’s check out this video from National Sports Institute (ISN), Here is some ways to get moving with our national cyclist @AzizulAWANG.

Those exercises are pretty simple, i think you and i can easily do it and being cooped up at home does not mean one cannot remain healthy.

Source: The Star