Malaysian Doctor: Another Patient Lied About History And Put Medical Team Into Danger!

As we all know, our doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are risking their lives and work restlessly in the hospitals during this hard time. They are the one who stand in the front line to beat Covid-19 and save lives. If you want to win the war, please protect our frontliners.

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If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 and possibly to be infected, Please tell the frontliners your travel and contact history honestly when seeking medical help in the hospital. Lies kill more lives!

Two days ago, a Malaysian doctor who is in the front line wrote a post on Twitter. Dr. Zawir Abd Rahim said that they had met another dishonest Covid-19 patient and the family lying the history to them.

“Another episode of patient and family not being honest on telling history of attending an event associated with COVID-19 outbreak. If this is ongoing with other cases, brace yourself for Wave 3.” Dr. Zawir Abd Rahim wrote.

Following the saying of Dr. Zawir Abd Rahim, the infected patient attended seven wedding events all across Malaysia for the past few days. And one of the events was in Kuching, Sarawak.

The patient went to the hospital for medical check-up after showing Covid-19 symptoms. However the patient seems to be dishonest in telling the history and put the whole medical team who had contacted with him into danger!

Because of the irresponsible patient, The medical team are in need to get the tests of Covid-19.

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▼ Dr. Zawir Abd Rahim also answered commenters question on checklist when patients hospitalised.

▼ Commenter gave suggestions on avoiding lying from suspected patients.

▼ There must be some punishments for them!

▼ Let’s pray for them!

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Please be honest! If you want to win the war, please protect our frontliners! 

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