Malaysian Husbands Learn To Be “Remote Groceries Shoppers”!

During this period of movement control order(MCO), Malaysia’s senior minister Fadillah Yusof announced that ONLY one person from each family is allowed to go out to buy food and daily essentials.

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Since then, many families with small children start to worry: My man doesn’t know to how to take care of babies and also buy groceries, so who going out now?!

Yesterday, a Malaysian netizen shared a post about the experiences of being a “remote groceries shopper” and the stories were so true and make us burst into laughter! The post garnered 32.5k likes and 24.6k shares in just a day.

The original post:


If you’re a “remote groceries shopper” like me, don’t forget to fully charge your phone before you execute your mission!

Also, get enough sleep the night before so you can stay calm over the phone to minimise disruptions during your operation!

One of these remote shoppers got scolded by his wife over the phone when he was on loudspeaker and he quickly turned off the loudspeaker to continue operation.

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The other one was solely texting and snapping photo the entire operation. We call it stealth operation.

And then there’s another one with a live video call the entire operation just to make sure everything was all clear.

Sidenote: while the husband was being scolded on loudspeaker about getting the wrong carrots (something to do with different colours from different countries), a lady shopper felt sorry for him and just let him take his time to choose before she took her turn.

Mission accomplished for me, and I’m ready to retreat!

Are you also a “remote groceries shopper”? ⁣How do you operate your mission, captain?

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Netizens’ responses:

▼ The wives commented: Yeah.. My husband is one of them!

▼ Other hilarious stories from these husbands. Want gingers no gingers! (Haha! )

▼ That’s why some wives don’t dare to send out their husbands.

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▼ The wives at home = HQ!

▼ I think the husbands really need it!

▼ Let’s pray hard for this husband!

After the movement control order(MCO), I believe that many husbands will become the professional groceries shoppers! Although you keep making mistakes and get plenty of complaints from wives, but don’t give up! You will do it better after all! Dear husband, please hang in there! 

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