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Malaysian Teen Gets a Scholarship Because of His Tweet

Photos credit to: Twitter

Amir from SMK Puchong Perdana get a scholarship because of his tweet !

Credit: Twitter

The first tweet was the day before he took the SPM results, Amir had no idea what to wear and thought off throwing a “Twitter dare” where he will be wearing a Shell logo t-shirt with  on the result day if he manage to get 6.5k retweets.

And tweet has garnered about 12K retweets and 12K Likes !

Finally, the wait is over ~ the much anticipated day is almost here after 3 tortuous, nail-biting months. It’s the day to receive the SPM results.To be a man of his’s word, He was wearing the Shell logo T-shirt on the result day and ~~Drumroll please~~  he score 5As’, He was jokingly said he wanted to claim scholarship from Shell on Twitter.

The post went viral and the Director of Trade Affairs Shell Malaysia, Encik Shairan decided to meet the site heroes, wow ~

▼Amir received G-shock watch, bags and some goodies from Encik Shairan, and the highlight is a 3 years programme Scholarship !!! Bravo..

▼See how excited he is!

▼ Nice watch !

▼ At the same time, Encik Shairan also meeting the outstanding students that works at Shell

▼Encik Shairan is glad meeting Amir and the other 6 SPM leavers who work in Shell,Hopefully he will continue to work for his future.

▼Amir may not the smartest student in class, but he willing to study hard for his future

Congrats to Amir and others who score well in SPM ! Please continue to work hard for your bright future.

Source: Twitter