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Man Placed Used Face Mask On Self-service Cutlery In Hong Kong Restaurant went Viral!

Covid-19 virus is spreading across the world and the number of confirmed cases is increasing drastically every day, it makes everyone of us heavyhearted and oppressed by the fear of disease.

To protect ourselves from the virus, many people will wear face masks while going to the crowded places. But there is one thing that you probably never know: having meals in the restaurants may put you into danger!

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A photo which was taken by netizen went viral recently in Hong Kong. The photo showed that a young man placed a face mask on the unused chopsticks when eating in a popular Japanese restaurant.

In the picture, a young man was eating a plate of rice with deep-fried pork chop while using his phone. At the same time, a green surgical mask was seen placing on a bunch of unused chopsticks.

Right after the photo went viral, The restaurant, Cai-Tu-Ya issued a statement on their official Facebook. The restaurant denied the saying of some online rumours that the person involved was one of their staffs.

The statement was written, “We have reviewed the incident thoroughly and apologised for not responding quickly enough to rectify the customer’s behaviour.”

The statement said that they had put forth exertions on the restaurants’ hygiene by offering customers tissue paper to keep the used masks. And after the customers had left, they sterilize the dining tables thoroughly by wiping with alcohol.

Source: Facebook
However, Many commenters said that the man who put the used face mask on the cutlery owed the public an apology for his bad behaviour. The customers commented the apology from the restaurant was acceptable and will keep supporting them in the future.

Source: The Star