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Mother Thinks 1-Year-Old Baby In Fever Because of Teething In Fact He Is Covid-19 Positive!

Covid-19 outbreak never seems like slowing down as the number of confirmed cases and death toll increase daily. Some people might thought those who are infected are usually elderly, adults and children, but how about the babies? Are they at the risk too?

Sadly, the answer is YES!

Source: todayonline

A one-year-old baby in London recently got fever at home and the mother believed that’s just a symptom of teething. But out of thoughts, the baby was caught with Covid-19.

Jess Mitchell’s son Perran was fallen sick with a “roaring temperature”. Jess thought that Perran is at the age of teething so getting fever is a normal symptom for him.

“It was a morning and he woke up in a bit of funk with a temperature but we thought he was badly teething. “

The baby’s mother, Jess said:

“We got up early to get some fresh air and thought the cold could help with his temperature but did not think much more of it. “

“We took him for a walk but from lunchtime onwards he started to go downhill quickly. He went really lethargic and really cuddly, which was not like him. He then had a horrendous temperature. “

She added: “We tested his temperature and it was over 39 degrees. Then we got really worried and we did not know what to do.”

“There is a lot of advice out there but it is not clear for children and babies. He is only one. We phoned 111 and after speaking to five different people we got through to a doctor who was really reassuring.”

Jess mentioned that Perran didn’t have other Covid-19 symptoms but only fever.

“He had no breathing difficulties or a cough but was on fire with his temperature. People think babies won’t get it and it is vital we put the message out they do.”

Since Perran was confirmed to be infected, Jess and her whole family including her husband and daughter are now in 14 days isolation.

“Perran is still not himself. He is really hot and is jerking awake. He is not really eating, but should be ok. “ Jess said.

Jess urged every parent with her bad experience: “I just urge everyone to follow the guidelines. Anyone can get it – young or old. A baby or healthy 30 year old might be okay, but it is the vulnerable people they might give it to that will die.”

Source: Mirror