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M’sians Prohibited to Go Out During Movement Control Order Except for These 5 reasons

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The 14-days Movement Control Order starts today and yesterday’s last-minute directive from the Royal Malaysian Police had caused confusion on the interstate travel approval which lead to long queue at district police stations to obtain forms may possibly pose a risk of COVID-19 infection.

After the police called off the requirement to obtain approval for interstate travel, the Health Minister, Dr. Adham Baba has provided more clarification on the restriction.

Credit : NST

Firstly, Malaysians should not move about within their vicinity unless it is for special purposes or essential activities such as buying food or seeking healthcare. The new regulations are known as the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures within the infected local areas) regulations 2020, are applicable from 18 to 31 March.

Under the new regulation, the government ordered that no persons are to make any journey from one place to another place within the state or federal territories except for the following reasons:

  1. To perform any official duty.
  2. To buy, supply or deliver food or daily necessities.
  3. To seek healthcare or medical services.
  4. To make a journey to and from limited categories of premises, including any premises which provide essential services, premises involved in the food supply chain, premises selling food and beverages through drive-through, takeaway and delivery.
  5. Or any other special purposes that may be permitted by the director-general
    In summary, you are only permitted to leave your home only to perform necessary tasks and errands, and not for social or leisure purposes.
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No gatherings at all for anything, except for small-size funerals

As part of the original movement control order, all forms of gathering which cover religious, sports, recreational, social and cultural events are prohibited. However, for funerals, the ceremonies can still be held provided that the number of attendees is kept to a minimum.

Police permission if crossing state borders

The new regulations said no one shall travel from one infected local area to another infected local area — or in other words, from one state to another state — without the “prior written permission of a police officer in charge of a police station”. Only those with a valid reason can do so.

But 21 hours ago, the official Facebook page of the police had shared that people are free to travel interstate.

However, this isn’t the time for balik kampung or cuti-cuti Malaysia. Hopefully, everybody can take it seriously!

Source : Malay Mail | Berita Harian