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MyEG Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit is Fake ?!

Photos credit to: thaimedical | MyRG

OMG people ! Ministry of Health had confirm the MyEG Covid-19 home testing kits as fake news today on their official social media plateform.

According to The Star, the Beijing Medical Products Administration denied rumors that people could  test the Covid-19 using the home testing kit. For now, there was no authorized home version of the test yet.

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The so-called home testing kits went viral on facebook, claiming the result would be visible within 15 minutes after the samples are applied to the test strips.

Credit: thailandmedical

MyEG even says that that the kits can accurately and rapidly detect the presence of COVID-19 virus without the need of nose or throat swaps, and you do not need to send those samples to external diagnostic laboratories.

MyEG also claimed that this Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit is developed by leading diagnostics company and approved by health authorities in China where it presently widely used, the statement were then deny by Malaysia Ministry of Health today.

Despite that, the test kits’ still featured on MyEG’s official website at the time the Ministry of Health announce the news.

▼The netizen are wondering how could MyEG can surpass the MOH and sell on their web page

▼ MOH should have engage MyEG this issues as the test kit is still featured on their webpage

▼Some still have doubt on the kits

Few hours after the MOH declared the fake test kits, MyEG have responds to the post via Twitter !

According to MyEG, the test kit is awaiting approval from local authorities for the Covid-19 rapid test kid and it is still pending certification from the MOH at this point in time. The test kits have been cleared by heath authorities in Chinese and Europe, where this countries are already using this method.

At moment, MyEG is still taking pre-orders of the kits while MOH still stay firmed on their claim. Well…if the kits are function-able and have high accuracy, it definitely a good options for the panic people out there who just couldn’t get the test at local hospital ! So people, what do you think? 

Source: KKM | myEG