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Netizen Ordered Birthday Cake On Website But Came With “Question Cake”!

How can a birthday goes without a birthday cake, right? Recently, A netizen shared a funny story on Facebook. The family is going to celebrate birthday for one of their family member, thus, they order a birthday cake online.

However, the birthday cakes came with a ‘Surprise’  and made them didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

The original post:

I had to share this because I’ve been crying tears of joy from laughing all day.

It’s my sister-in-law’s birthday, so I helped my mom order a cake for her from Paris Baguette website, which is a Korean bakery chain….or so I thought.

There was an option to add a short message to the cake, so she wrote in Korean:

“사랑하는 며느리 생일축하한다. 늘 건강하고 행복하렴”

Roughly translated: “Happy Birthday my beloved daughter-in-law. Hoping you’re always healthy and happy”

Source: qrius

After we paid, the order confirmation email said the message we wrote was:

“???? ??? ??????. ? ???? ????”

so I thought Oh….. but they’re a Korean Bakery they’ll probably still have it down right through their website hahahahah!

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Well I was WRONG and the cake arrived and I asked my brother to check if the message was right and WOW! LOL!

I just really wanna know what went through the worker’s head while they were drawing a line of ??????? with chocolate.

They even made sure to get the period and the spacing right!

And it doesn’t help that this “Bear”s face already looks so confused on its own.

**Edit: OMG I’m so glad you all find this funny too! ( @ Paris Baguette sponsor me please)

Netizens’ responses:

▼ The netizens couldn’t stop laughing!

Never be so true! 

▼ The commenters were so pleased with the good service!

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A Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away! A birthday surprise came from a bakery wasn’t a bad thing, I think. At least it is memorable? Haha! 

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