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Penang Island City Council Lodged a Police Report Against Doctor Jogging At Park

A 4 minutes video went viral with 21k share showing council officers advising a man claiming to be a cardiologist named Dr.Ong to leave the park during Movement Control Order (MCO).

Credit : The Star

The man who looks like he was working out at the park was approached by officers from the Penang Island City Council who then asked him to leave the park. However, he argued the MCO wasn’t a curfew and wanted clarification from the local council whether parks are prohibited places.

He seemed anxious when the council officer approached him and asking them to maintain social distancing. The council officers, however, responded, “If you’re scared of being close to people, then go home.

Credit : runbundle

He was also heard asking the officers on whether the road he is jogging on is a private or a public road in a not so happy tone. At last, the officer asked if he can read and told him off.

The federal health authorities have decreed that all should stay indoors as much as possible during the MCO period until March 31 to stem the spread of Covid-19.

Section 3 (2) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures within the Infected Local Areas) Regulations, 2020 reads: “No person shall gather or be involved in any gathering within any infected local area whether for religious, sports, recreational, social or cultural purpose.”

The Penang Island City Council has lodged a police report against Dr. Ong. In response to the police report,Dr. Ong told FMT that he was interviewed by police officers yesterday.

Let’s hear out another side of the story…

He told the officers that he was upset that a video filmed by the city council officers had been made viral, making him look like a “black sheep” and he had been taunted with prank phone calls and messages throughout the day.

“I merely explained to the council officers that I disagreed with the law and it was nothing personal. I did not insult or assault them. One of them filmed me and made it viral, trying to make me look bad.

“Look, if the law requires me to stay at home and be in a curfew, I will obey the order.

“Now the MCO, is it a curfew? If it is not a stay at home law, but merely a movement restriction law, why is the army being called over the weekend? The authorities must explain,” he said.

Let’s see how Netizens response to this!

▼ Netizens basically urge Dr Ong to “just stay at home” for everyone sake

▼ And, he should have wore a mask when jogging

▼Everyone are sacrifice their freedom, and hopefully Dr Ong also can do the same

▼Netizens suppose there are lots of alternative instead of jogging at the park, even Datuk Dr Noor Hisham (Director General of Health, Ministry of Health, Malaysia) said it is possible to exercise at home

▼Or maybe, Dr Ong can give some hands in the hospital?

▼Oh, now we know who is this Dr Ong…..

▼After the video clips went viral, Dr Ong clinic Google review had dropped!

Fellow Malaysian ,#dudukrumah saje for another 10 days .. 

Source : The Star | FMT