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Philippines Guy Lost 9kg in Just 30 Days By Playing Nintendo Switch At Home!

I don’t know about you but losing weight is always on top of my mind. Besides, controlling our diet, we have to create a workout plan and keep up with the workout routine daily. Sounds great.. but yet it’s tough! Sigh…

However, This young man successfully lost 9kg in just 30 days by playing a Nintendo Switch at home!

A young man named Migui Minaj from Pasig City, Philippines shared a post on the Facebook. He used to be overweight, but 30 days after he started playing Ring Fit Adventure by Nintendo Switch,  he lost as much as 9kg!

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Migui wrote in his post, “30 days of Ring Fit Adventure! From overweight to normal weight! This Nintendo Ring Fit is very effective, especially if there is a right diet. I only play for 25 minutes and am so happy. Onwards to more victories in 2020.”

“I regularly check my weighing scale at home and my current weight sits at around 69 kilograms. My weight is within the ideal BMI for a guy with a height of 5′ 6”, Migui said.

Migui shared that he had been overweight for several years. He tried to lose weight, he even cycling to work and playing a boxing game on Nintendo Switch. But none of these seemed to be work until he discovered Ring Fit Adventure.

“I figured that Ring Fit Adventure might be a better motivator than other games. True enough, it did work! ”

▼ From 78kg to 69kg

“The diet tips I would like to share is to cut carbs in your daily consumption. I usually stick with one cup of rice a day and no more meals after 7pm. Combining this with Ring Fit Adventure helped me reduce my numbers,” Migui added.

The Ring Fit Adventure by Nintendo Switch is a role-playing game. Players move their characters by running in place, squeezing and releasing the Ring-Con to jump over obstacles, and also squeezing in the Ring-Con in the target direction to fire projectiles at items.

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Responses of netizens:

▼ Never thought that video games could help to lose weight!

▼ Migui’s friends commented and proved it!

▼ Some said: Now I have a reason to buy Switch!

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Having fun at home and losing weight in the same time… Truly, it’s my dream! I’m wondering should i buy one too! hehe ..

Source: Facebook | New Straits Time