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Reasons of Penangites To Cross The Bridge During MCO Are Just Too Ridiculous !


Photos credit to dayakdaily | malaysiakini

We had heard a lot of stories about stubborn citizens since Movement Control Order (MCO)  started last Wednesday ! I’m sure you heard about the Jogging Doctor and also the Ayer Itam’s wet market.

Credit: Penang Island City Council Lodged a Police Report Against Doctor Jogging At Park
Credit: Thestar

Police and soldiers had roadblocks at four main locations lately, namely Batu Uban, Paya Terubong, Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway and Batu Ferringhi throughout the movement control order (MCO).

What surprise us is the answers given by the citizens. We have summarized some “Creative” answers from the roadblock based on The Star report.

No.1 One lady gone out just to buy shampoo

Credit: cheatsheet

No.2 One man drove all the way to George Town from his house Bayan Baru just to get his favorite food (which only available in town)

Credit: thehive

No.3 One man intend to go Butterworth just for Dinner

Credit: penangfoodies

No.4 Another driver heading to Bukit Mertajam to buy Vegetables !

Credit: dreamstime

Those are top reasons given by 100 vehicles checked at the roadblock Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway yesterday! All of them have been warned to just stay on the island or just stay at home.Only people with valid reasons and employees with their order sheets will be allowed to go to the mainland, or else they will be asked to go back to their homes.

▼ Most of the netizens just felt speechless and urge them just stay at home lah…

▼Even the “reasons” given are so terrible

▼Netizens making fun of the people by giving multiple creative answers

▼Anyhow, thanks for making us laugh in hatred…lol

▼Maybe blocked the bridge will help??

▼ Or maybe increase the petrol price? or they can give some hands in hospital?

▼Anyhow please, no matter where you from or who you are, as a Malaysian we together play our part to “Stay at Home”. Social distancing is the only way to curb the spread. Don’t be selfish and irresponsible!