Supermarket Stopped People From Grabbing Hand Sanitiser By Price Trick And It Worked!

According to the advises from WHO(World Health Organization), Practicing good hygiene is the most effective way to protect ourselves against the infection of Covid-19 and prevent the virus spreading.

Therefore, shortage of hand sanitiser had come to the fore since Covid-19 outbreak. People of all over the world are panic buying hand sanitiser and you will see “Out of stock” or “sold out” in most of pharmacies and shops!

Source: businessinsider

Three days ago(March 16), a supermarket in Denmark named Hellerup carry out a price trick in order to stop people from buying hand sanitiser more than they need.

There is a twitter posted from a netizen saying that Hellerup supermarket came up with their own way of stopping them and surprisely, it worked!

Hellerup supermarket is selling hand sanitiser as usual but the prices seen to be different and even unreasonable!

  • 1 bottle kr40 (around RM25)
  • 2 bottles kr1000 (around RM635)

Yeap.. There is nothing wrong with your eye, it’s 2 bottles of hand sanitiser will cost over RM600! Ya .. i know it sounds crazy..

As Hellerup supermarket expected, customers wouldn’t buy them with these unreasonable prices, they rather just buy one which costs only RM25.

So they are successfully to stop the customers from hoarding hand sanitiser in their supermarket. Such a brilliant idea, right?!

Netizens’ responses: 

▼ We should say they are very smart indeed!

Source: hasseferrold

▼ Looked like simple but it worked!

Source: thespruce

▼ Commenters from other countries said they need to do so!

Source: aktuality

▼ Maybe the idea works on the toilet papers too?!

▼ Some thought, it might be thoughtful as they are people who really need to get more for their elderly.

Source: thestar

Well, We all know it’s a hard time for everyone, everybody need face masks and hand sanitiser for self protection. However, Let’s be more thoughtful..together we can overcome this hard time!

Source: Twitter