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Taiwanese Dancer Serena Liu in Critical Condition. Her Husband posted a Heart-wrenching Message After a Long Silence.

Photo credit to shcaoan | Straits Times 

Taiwan’s “queen of ballroom dancing” Serena Liu is in a critical condition. Just 3 weeks undergoing an open heart surgery and put on a waiting list for a heart transplant, she is now facing cerebral hemorrhage.


Serena was diagnosed with the condition yesterday afternoon and an immediate craniotomy procedure has been conducted to help with her condition.

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However, nobody know what is the situation now. Television host Jacky Wu, who co-hosted the talk show, Fall In Love With 9.30, with Liu in 2005 and 2006, asked everyone to just pray for her.

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Serena husband, Shin Lung has spoken up publicly for the first time following days of reports that his wife is fighting for her life in hospital.

“Serena needs the help of everyone to get her past this immense challenge in her life. I, Shin Lung, am willing to give up my life in exchange for hers because our daughter is only four. She can do without a father but she cannot be without her mother,” singer Shin, 48, wrote on Facebook on Thursday night.

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He added: “People seem to think I have a strong exterior but no one knows how small I am inside – I love Serena and I’m afraid of losing her. Everyday I hope that the person who walks through the door and comes home is Serena.”

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Shin Lung also recorded the voice of her daughter saying” Mum, don’t give up , i want you to send me to school”.Shin Lung said he can see Serena’s tears when he was playing her the audio. Sob ..

He added that Liu has yet to recover her strength and asked the public to pray for her and to give his family space during this “critical moment”.

Serena Liu, we are praying hard for your recovery! your daughter , your husband, your family and friends are waiting for you..

Source : Sinchew | Straits Times