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Viral Drinks Recipe That You Must Try at Home !

Boring at home? We got some creative drinks recipe for you that you can try it out during this Extended Movement Control Order (MCO) period. The recipe went viral on social media platform, you should have try this!

1.Fizzy Strawberry Yogurt Soju

Credit: Ronna S Lene
Just follow these simple steps

▼Prepare the drinks: cultured milk (you may use yakult), sprite, Soju, fresh strawberry and ice

▼place the strawberry in the cup

▼Smash the strawberry

▼put in some ices

▼Pour little bit of Soju

▼Some sprite in

▼Follow by cultures milk/yakult

▼Tada, done ! You just could not believe how good it taste !

2. Gatograde Sprite drinks

▼ Prepare all the ingredients as follow, if you can’t get it, you may find something that have similar taste will do

▼Mix it (follow your heart) and enjoy the drinks!

3. Soju Yakult

▼ Prepare Soju and Yakult

▼Mix it as you wish, if you like yakult more, you could pour more yakult in and less Soju

4. Red Wine Spritzer

Credit: yummly

Ingredient: One bottle of Red Wine (any kind), 1 liter of sprite, and ice.

Just mix it thoroughly and enjoy it !

5. Moijito

▼Ingredient: Ice, sugar, mint, lemon, and sprite

▼add all the ingredient inside and crush them up

▼Fill up the ice

▼Fill up the sprite

▼Mix it, and you are done ! Enjoy your drinks !

Source: youtube | Foodaholic | Facebook