What Do You Do During MCO? A Creative Malaysian Sketched And Decorated His Room Into Spaceship!

We are at the 6th day of MCO (movement control order). Yeah.. I know how you feel.. These 6 days was as long as 6 years or more than that. We can only go out to buy essentials and most of the time, we just stay at home doing nothing?! Come on, don’t let the time slip by!

A creative Malaysian, Ahmad shared his achievement on Facebook yesterday. During this period of MCO, Ahmad started to design and decorate his room into a spaceship by himself.

▼ The room before decoration. As you see, it is definitely in a run-down condition! The owner, Ahmad wrote in the post: “Even I myself can’t stand it anymore! “

Hence, Ahmad decided to give out a big change! Not a shabby room anymore but a spaceship in the house!

▼ Ahmad drew the sketch on his own.

▼ Firstly, Ahmad began his decoration work with the door and ceiling.

▼ Soon after, Ahmad sketched the perspective on the wall by using chalks and started painting.

▼ Ahmad mentioned that he closed up the window with a plywood.

▼ The painting work was going on in full swing.

▼ Eventually, the spaceship has DONE! The LED light can change to different colours by using the remote control! OMG! It is so cool and amazing!

▼ Wow! Sleep in the spaceship! Who wants to try?!

▼ Before and after! Such a big difference!

Netizens’ Responses:

▼ Commenters were so amazed!

▼ How about Captain Marvel?!

▼ He had spent time meaningful in these days!

“Many people around the world are infected with Covid-19, so I want to move to another planet. Is there anyone going with me?! ” said Ahmad in the post.

Source: Facebook