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10 Most Funniest Pictures Of Baking Attempts That Failed Big Time!!

Most of of the countries are imposing lockdown in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. Thus, most of the people are staying back at home, trying their best  to do something to kill times. You received pictures from friends on the lovely cake they bake, even your niece is sending you a picture she is baking a banana cake..

Somehow it sparks your inner chef. You start questioning yourself , why can’t i do it? and then the pans are flying in no time and the solo baking show is on.

And ta-dahhhh…

However, i know I’m not alone.. RedChili21 MY has collected some unsuccessful attempts right down below that will make you feel whatever you make… it can’t be that bad.

▼ No. 1 :

▼ No. 2 :

▼ No. 3 :

▼ No. 4 :

▼ No. 5 :

▼ No. 6 :

▼ No. 7 :

▼ No. 8 :

▼ No. 9 :

▼ No. 10 :

See!! I’m not alone.. and i deeply believe practise make perfect.