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9 yo Girl Wrote A Letter & Make A Bracelet To Thanks Dr Hisham For Assist M’sian To Fight Again Covid-19!

Photos credit to Twitter | mstar

Recently, Our health general director Datuk Noor Hisham has a 9 years old new friend ! Iman updated on his Twitter about his little sister writing a letter to Dr Hisham and what’s surprise them was…..she received a reply from Dr Hisham himself ! Wow…. The tweet gain lots of “Like” in few couple hour!

Credit: Twitter

The original letter:

Lara is such a sweet girl, she even made a loom band as a thank you gift for  Dr. Hisham on his effort in helping the nation to combat Covid-19. The loom band is a sign of friendship of the little girl.

“Stay safe, your friend, Lara,” she wrote in her letter.

Lara wrote the letter on 19th of March, not knowing that she will received a personal letter from Dr Hisham himself a month after ! Although Dr Hisham was busy in frontlines, he still took the time to respond to a 9-year-old girl ’s letter personally.

Here’s the letter goes:

The letter sound sweet and warm, encouraging the girl to study hard and also asked her for not too worry as all this will over soon. Well how about the bracelet? Dr Hisham granddaughter is wearing it and she actually likes it !

According to The Star, Lara’s mother, Mutiara Jusuf McAffee, 46, said her daughter was excited when she received the letter from Dr Noor Hisham.

“We checked to see what colours are related to healthcare, that is why we came up with the blue and white theme,” she said.

▼The interaction between the girl and Dr is just so sweet

▼Netizens are thankful to have such a responsible and professional KKM-DG in Malaysia

▼Some even notice how polite & respect he was in answering the media’s questions

▼So guys, frontlines are making their efforts to keep us safe, so what we can do for them is “STAY AT HOME”

Source: Twitter