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Customs Dept Finds Boxes Of Sex Toys In Undeclared Items

According to the Customs Department, boxes of undeclared items which includes prohibited sex toys were found at a warehouse in Shah Alam.

The department said an enforcement team of 13 officers conducted a check on the warehouse on April 1, as it had reason to believe that the warehouse had been storing falsely declared imported items.

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“Checks on 5 containers in the warehouse found a large number of undeclared items such as ceiling lamps, blowers, kitchenware and many others.

“Only 3 items had been declared in Customs Form No.8, but the team found up to 20 undeclared items,” the department said.

The team also found three boxes containing sex dolls, which it said were prohibited import items.

Credit : The Star

All the items had been falsely declared as non-dutiable items such as safety gear and accessories and stationery.

“The importer had falsely declared the items by altering their description, quantity and the name of items to avoid paying duties and taxes,” the department said.

The department said the import company had been operating since last year and estimated that it had cost the country millions of ringgit for falsely declaring the items.

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On Sunday (April 5), the warehouse manager known as Lee, claimed that officers had entered the warehouse without proper protective gear and had been smoking on the premises.

However, the department refuted Lee’s claim, saying it had followed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) including informing Lee about the checks a day before it was conducted.

It also said enforcement officers had been wearing masks and gloves, even though there was no specific order to do so. While the particular officers that had been smoking had not been involved in the checks. Thus, he was smoking out the warehouse. Investigations on the case are ongoing.

But anyhow, sex dolls are prohibited import items in Malaysia. 

Source : The Star