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Do You Know What Is The Top Things That Malaysian Buying Online During MCO?

We are more than a month in Movement Control Order (MCO), most of the time i shop online, unless for those that i hardly get like fresh vegetables or meat or else i will never step out from home. I’m trying my best to #Stayathome as much time as possible.

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I believe a lot of you do the same like me, because Commerce. Asia saw a surge of 149% year-on-year GrossMerchandise Volume (GMV) growth in the first quarter since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was introduced.

“We are seeing significant growth in our merchants’ sales across various product categories. While some were practical purchases of essential items, other purchases were complete surprises to us given that the country is undergoing MCO. This change in buying behaviour shows that Malaysians are adapting to the new living situations,” said Commerce.Asia Founder and Executive Chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah.

So, what do you think is the the surprise? want to take a guess ..hehehe..

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Commerce.Asia leveraged their database to analyse online sales trends (30 days of MCO vs 30 days before MCO) across their merchants and compiled a list of the fastest growing eCommerce product categories, with fascinating results:

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From the chart above, we can see consumers’ purchasing behaviour appears to have embarked on a different curve since the MCO. With health being a major concern, it was no surprise that latex gloves saw staggering increased sales as people try to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

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And while essential items such as food, toiletries and baby products surged in sales as expected, surprisingly, the fastest growing product transacted during the MCO was ladies underwear at a whopping 909% increase and we can also see libido enhancers also increase in sales (104%), so maybe a correlation?

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The increase in frying pan and wok, salt, and gelatine powder sales are definitely due to people cooking and baking at home more often.

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Also, some people can’t hit the gym so trying to work out at home, 200% increase in home fitness equipment quite makes sense too.

Source : NST