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Expectant Mothers, You Will Be Giving Birth Alone During MCO

Due to new hospital restrictions, expectant mothers will now have to go through a higher level of stress and anxiety as they will have to manage everything all alone, without your husband by your side, as no spouse or companions are allowed in the delivery room or ward to support the wife during movement control order (MCO)

Anies Surianie Mat Daud, 27, who shared her experience on Facebook, said giving birth to her second child on March 24 at Tengku Anis Hospital in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan was so different from the time she gave birth to her first baby 4 years back. It’s a whole new experience for her caught in such a predicament.

Anis Surianie’s post has garnered over 9,400 likes and 8,200 shares.

Anis Surianie said at first she felt a bit down after nurses at the Health Clinic told her to prepare for the strict restrictions imposed by the hospital because of Covid-19.

“When I found out that my husband would not be allowed to keep me company while I am in labour or visit me after delivery, I was upset and worried that I would not be strong enough to go through the delivery process all by myself, ” she told Bernama.

Credit : Firstcry parenting

“I’m struggled doing it all alone, even though it was my second delivery. The fact is, you not only have to take care of yourself but the baby too. I felt adequately strong at that time, but I shed tears every time I moved… especially when I had abdominal cramps and having to deal with the postpartum pain, ” she said.

Nevertheless, the mother of two boys was grateful she had a safe delivery and she advised other expectant mothers, to make early preparations and be well-equipped during MCO.

“If possible, bring along masks because the hospital nurse may ask you to wear one before entering the maternity ward. Remember the doctor or nurse’s advice not to panic. Do not cry,  scream and control the breathing.

Credit : Firstcry Parenting

“Pay attention to what the nurses say in the delivery room, because you only have them to support you at that time.

“On that day, only a nurse was present to receive my baby. Thank God, it was a smooth delivery and both of us are safe,” she said.

Most importantly she said, expectant mothers must learn how to breast-feed as getting it right would help calm the baby when the mother has to take care of everything on her own.

She also added ” We are strong because we are women 🙋 ♀️” .. Kudos to all the Mothers and Mother-to-be. Stay strong and keep fighting!!!! 

Source : The Star | Facebook