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Food Delivery Rider Says ” I Love You” To Her Boyfriend Upon Special Request

During the lockdown period, no one is allowed to go out unless you are getting your essentials. So, no more dating for the love birds.. however, what happened in this couple in Singapore show us love is not dead despite the lockdown measures.

Credit : The Independent

On April 20, a food deliver rider in Singapore who known as @Naz_Lucenzo on Twitter received an order for food from Bombay Curry Club.

This is not just an ordinary order with rider collect the food from restaurant and send to desired address, this order come with a SPECIAL request.

This meal is ordered by Jayce and sending to Ivan, with a delivery note stated:

“Please pack cutlery for Ivan and tell him that I love him hehe.”

Credit : Twitter

Jayce was lucky to have the food delivery rider who game for the request and said “I love you hehe” to Ivan on her behalf.

I think Ivan is a little bit shy, although he is with mask on but we still can feel it ( hehe). He responded with a giggle and said “Umm, I love you too”.

What a sweet lovely couple !!!!

Source : Twitter