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Food Deliveryman Stuns Listeners With His Piano-Playing Skills

A food deliveryman with a giant thermal food delivery bag still strapped on stunned everyone with his piano-playing skills. He was in International Youth Centre (IYC), KL. While waiting for his customer to collect an order, he decided to kill time by playing a tune on a piano in the lobby.

Without him knowing, his performance was being recorded by a captivated onlooker.

Amazed by the his piano skills, Izat Yuan decided to share several video clips of the performance on Twitter.

“When the customer is taking so long to pick up food, play a round of piano first. Good job, brother,” Izat wrote in the caption of his post, which has been viewed a staggering 1.8 million times in 48 hours.

In a second video clip shared by Izat, the rider plays Camilla Cabello’s ‘Havana’ like a boss.

Needless to say, the videos have taken Malaysian netizens by storm, with many saluting the food deliveryman for his talent.

One of the netizen said this is amazing, every note transition is on point. Bravo!

Another netizen posted: “Moral of the story: Never underestimate people. Whether a garbage man or a janitor – we never know what special talents they may have.”

Some netizens also praised him for his remarkable talent.

Not long after the tweets went viral, the food deliveryman by the name of Amirullah replied to Izat’s post, thanking him for his interest.

He explained that he was at the IYC to drop off an order when he noticed the piano in the lobby, and was in the mood to tickle the ivory.

Amirullah also revealed that he was never formally trained but just  learned how to play by watching YouTube videos.

“Sometimes, people ask me what piano grade I am in. I feel embarrassed to answer because this is just ‘underground’ grade. Sorry guys,” he wrote.

Thanks Amirullah! Those beautiful tune really brighten up my day!

Source : NST