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Foreigners Received Comfort Packages In South Korea During Self-Quarantine Period!

Covid-19 has spread around the world, sending billions of people into lockdown as health services struggle to cope.

South Korea used to be one of Covid-19’s international footholds outside China, but now the outbreak seems to be under control meanwhile most of the countries are getting worse. Wow! It’s definitely impressive! 

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You must be curious how they did it in just a few weeks! Recently, there are two Facebook posts shared from the netizens who staying in Korea have gone viral. They said that Korea has done very well in terms of controlling the pandemic and they’re falling in love with that country!

The original post:

My mom recently went back to Korea for her own safety (she has no medical insurance here) and I need to share her Coronavirus experience because this is some next level stuff.

Upon arriving in Korea after a flight in a nearly empty plane, non-citizens and citizens were separated. Non-citizens went to a separate quarantine zone while citizens went straight to screening. My mom was examined and then instructed to download an app made SPECIFICALLY for Coronavirus, to mainly track her GPS to make sure she really self-quarantines, but also to provide countrywide updates on the pandemic.

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She was greeted outside by officials who hailed a cab for her that the Korean government paid for, and they confirmed the address she would stay at for the next two weeks.

The day after she got settled in, a health worker showed up to make sure she was doing okay, and dropped off a kit filled with masks, thermometers, trash bag, and disinfecting products (photo attached).

And in three days she will do a drive-thru Coronavirus check and she will get her results in the app within 24 hours. Mic drop.

Just thought I’d share real quick how much South Korea is light years ahead of us.

UPDATE: Wow, didn’t expect this to become so popular, hello to everybody! I wanted to add some quick bullet points for those who may not fully understand the context of this post:

1. South Korea is a democratic country, FYI.

2. No matter what the culture differences are between the two countries, S. Korea’s government managed to launch and act on a bunch of programs in record time. Compare or don’t compare, but you have to admit it’s still amazing how quickly S. Korea responded. Take this as an educational look at how another country is handling this crazy pandemic!

3. My mother is doing great!! Thank you to those who asked. <3 I’ll post more updates from her on this thread as she sends me more recaps.

4. Please don’t be a jerk or else I’ll delete your comment. We all have our own crap to deal with. Thank you!

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Netizens’ responses:

Another post was up on friday makes more people in awe and the post has since garnered over 26k shares and 60k likes.

The original post: 

What an amazing country!!! I got back here from the Philippines last April 1st. The local health center called me to check if I am okay and informing me about my Self Diagnosis App to track me everyday and my 14 days isolation instructions as well.

I got my Covid-19 test result yesterday and it was negative. After 30mins of call the doorbell rang and I got this in my front door. Thank you so much Korea for taking care of your citizens and even to foreigners.

May pa love letter pa! Special thanks to Ulsan Government and to all those who are working so hard this time! Sogohaessoyo! Kamsahamnida!

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