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Italian Granny Aged 104, The World’s Oldest Person to Overcome Covid-19

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104-year-old Italian grandmother, Ada Zanusso’s recovery against the deadly virus was praised by her doctors as a “sign of good hope”.

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The mum-of-four caught Covid-19 at the nursing home where she lives in northern Italy, with 20 other residents having been killed in the outbreak. She became ill on Mar 17, developing a fever as well having trouble breathing and being sick before she officially diagnosed.

Her son Giampiero said he had suspected his mum had the disease due to the high volume of cases at her care home.

Credit : Mirror

“They have sadly had a few fatalities there,” he told the Sun.

“But she has now recovered well and the doctors think she is the oldest person in the world to recover.”

When Ada was a small child, she had seen of the Spanish flu which killed around 50 million across the globe.

There is no universal consensus where that pandemic actually started but close to one third of the world’s population became infected – or 500 million people.

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The death rate was highest in people younger than 5 years old, 20-40 years old, and 65 years and older.

Besides Ada, 2 other female patients, each one year younger than Ada, have also survived the virus.

Hang in there , World! There is still sign of Hope.. Just stay strong and keep fighting ! 

Source : Mirror UK