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KFC Classic Rice for RM4 only!

Thinking of what to have every morning? You now have another options as KFC breakfast set price are irresistible !

Now you can get the breakfast set with up to 60% saving with Food Panda!

It is super convenient as food panda will deliver the food to your doorstep, furthermore you can enjoy a very good discount.

Let’s check on how’s the discount code work!

① 9am to 11am—— 60% Discount,Promo Code「JOMBREAKFAST」

▼2 x Classic Rice Set, after less 60% the total price will be RM8.00, hence 1 set will only cost you RM4.00!

▼Once placing your order, just sit back, relax and wait for your meal to be delivered to you!

▼There are plenty of selection for you to choose from!

What if you oversleep and miss out the breakfast deal? Ah-ha….there’s is another promo code for you~

② 2pm to 5pm —— 40% discount,Promo Code「JOMTEATIME」

③ 6pm to 8pm —— 25% discount ,Promo Code「JOMDINNER」

What if you accidentally miss out all 3 super promo code?  Not to worry, we got you ~ As….there is ONE more promo code which is applicable for all day long!

④ All day—— RM5 discount,Promo code「TRIPLEJOY」

⑤ Even though you pick up yourself also may enjoy 15% discount

【Promotion Details】

Promotion : Foodpanda – Promotion Code up to 60%

Duration    : From now until 30 Apr 2020

Apps         :Foodpanda Website【Click Here】/ Foodpanda App

Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum purchase RM15 to enjoy the promo code (Max capped at RM15)
  • Key in the specific promo code according to the promotion time frame

If you still haven’t download Food Panda apps, faster go and download one!

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