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Loyal Dog ” Hachiko” Found It’s Owner, The Dog Will Go Back To The Owner After MCO

In these grim times while the world is battling a deadly virus, Alixson Mangundok, 34-year-old took 3 days to walk from Kota Kinabalu to his hometown Kota Marudu, 120km away, with a dog as his companion, his story has lit up social media and brings a ray of sunshine to everyone!

Credit : The Star

This responsible man decided not to take public transport or get his relatives to fetch him, fearing the possibility that he may have contracted Covid-19. A dog, which he named it Hachiko (after the famous Japanese Akita dog noted for its loyalty) stayed with him throughout the journey. Thus, he decided to adopt it.

However, the owner of the dog saw the news and already contacted him saying that she will pick up the dog after Movement Control Order (MCO).

Credit : The Star

The dog’s owner Aelisah Ajun said the dog with Alixson looks like her dog ” Kutu” which lost it’s way home on Mar 26. Thus, she contacted Alixson via Facebook.

“I ask him to called the dog “kutu” , if it responded then it’s my dog. And when Alixson did that. ” Kutu’ really responded.”

” I’m so thankful, I love my dog and plan to pick him up after MCO.”

” Kutu love Ayam Penyet, when he come home i will get him 10 portion of that!”

A lot of people thought the story of Alixson and Hachiko is touching and he should adopt the dog. But Aelisah love her dog too, thus, she contacted him and asked whether he can returned the dog and she is grateful that Alixson is willing and happy to do that.

Credit : Sin Chew

Aelisah shared in Facebook post that she adopted “kutu” before Chinese New Year. “Kutu” used to be a stray dog that always hang around her shop in Kolombong.

“When i first adopted ” Kutu” , it’s was badly infested with fleas and skin irritation, we were putting so much effort, applying medicine and bathed him frequently until he was fully recovered.”

” On Mar 26, during MCO i wanted to pick him from the shop so i can take care of him at home. But when i reach my shop, ” Kutu” is no where to be found.”

Credit : therealdeal

Aelisah said she was upset, and asked her husband to go out and look for “kutu”. When they came across the news about Alixson and the dog, they felt hopeful and thought that’s their dog “Kutu”.

Alixson felt happy but same time he was upset too. Because he did spend some good times with Hachiko, he is a bit heavy-hearted to let him go. However he will need to go overseas for work anytime soon. So, he said Hachiko to go with his owner will be the best arrangement.

Source : Sin Chew