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Malaysian Ministry Sparks Backlash After Issues Tips To Married Women ” Talk Like Doraemon” & ” Wear Make up at Home”

Our Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Mar 25 announced that the Movement Control Order (MCO) would be extended by two weeks until Apr 14 to contain the further spread of Covid-19.

He urged Malaysians to stay at home to break the chain of infection and said that this was the only way to contain the situation.

Credit : CNA

The Women and Family Ministry thought it should be the best time to share some tips on social media on how to avoid domestic arguments between husband and wife. Thus, they uploaded some posters on Monday (Mar 30).

However, those posts that made public on both Facebook and Instagram, were taken down a day later after sparking a social media backlash.

Credit : CNA

In the first deleted poster, “If you see your husband carry out a task in a manner that clashes with your own method, avoid nagging,” the ministry said.

The ministry suggested wives should use “humorous” words and phrases such as “this is the proper way to hang the clothes for drying, my dear”. Mimic the tone of Doraemon and follow by a feminine laugh.

Credit : CNA

In a second poster, the ministry said that wives should refrain from making sarcastic comments if they see their husbands not helping with housework.

“Ask for help and inform him, some of our partner needs to be ‘told’ of their responsibility in order for them to be aware of what needs to be done,” the post read.

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Should arguments arise and strain feelings, the ministry advised women to “count from 1 to 20” before responding.

“Within the span of 20 seconds, the brain will become more rational and calm when you response or react,” it said.

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In a Facebook post last Friday, which was still available as of Tuesday evening, the ministry also urged wives to avoid wearing “home clothes” during the movement control order: “Present yourself as per usual, wear makeup and dress neatly.”

In the same post, the ministry also recommended that working mothers keep the dining table, kitchen and living room clean and neat to help maintain a clear mind when working from home.

However, All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), a non-governmental organisation( NGO) criticised their statement and saying Women are human too- not an object or a commodity.

In a series of tweet, AWAM called the ministry out for the the “sexist” tips.

“While dressing up to work is one way of maintaining discipline and a route while working from home, the focus on look, dress and makeup is absolutely unnecessary,” it said.

It added in another tweet: “(Giggling like Doraemon) applies to 5-year-olds, not mothers at home.”

“Women have more than enough to do during the MCO without the added pressure of putting on makeup and looking good.”

The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has issued a public apology over the posters that triggered outrage among numerous quarters today.

Posted by Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita – JPW on Selasa, 31 Mac 2020

The post written:

We are taking feedback on many parties in connection with some tips for promoted women while in the period MCO through posters that have been published on our social media. The approach used is to share methods and practices to maintain positive relationships in the family and while undergoing a working phase from home. Our party make daily tips and positive messages in social media with #wanitacegahcovid19 campaign includes a variety of themes with goals to share information to women.

Our party is sorry if some of the tips shared are not appropriate and touching the sensitivity of certain groups and will be more careful in the future.

Chief Director
Women Development Department
31 March 2020

Anyhow people, just # StayAtHome lah.. with #Morelove and #Nofight ok !

Source : CNA