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Malaysian Old Man Eats Rice With Salt And Bread Dipped In Water Because He Couldn’t Afford To Buy Food!

We are coming to the end of the third week of MCO(movement control order), Some of us might start to complain that we don’t eat well or boring with some home-cooked food. I think it’s time to change our minds! Be grateful with the food on your table, because not everyone are this lucky..

A Malaysian senior citizen was recently reported that he only eats rice with salt and bread dipped in plain water because he couldn’t afford to buy and cook any proper meals.

The old man, Saat Tapah who is already 69-year-old, lives alone in Kampung Nelayan, Kuala Kurau after being separated with his wife and child.

According to Harian Metro, Saat Tapah was a fisherman two years ago. However, because of his age and health problem, he can’t go out to the sea to earn a living anymore.

“Since I quit my job of going out to the sea, I only eat whatever I have. A pack of rice is enough for me for a month. If there isn’t any side dishes, I will only eat rice with salt. When I have no money, I will lend RM5 from my friend for buying some bread. “ said Saat Tapah.

Source: straitstimes

Saat Tapah added: “During these days of MCO, I only eat three pieces of bread dipped in plain water for my breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. “

It is reported that Saat Tapah was married and had a child in his 30s. after getting divorce, Saat Tapah lost contact with his son at the age of 16 and was staying in Ipoh now.

Saat Tapah’s relative had tried to help him for seeking help from The Social Welfare Department (JKM), Unfortunately, they haven’t get any responses from the department after several times of applying.

But thankfully, the chairman of Parit Buntar Association found him and felt sorry for the senior citizen’s condition. Thus, he gave a donation of some cash money and food supplies to Saat Tapah and reaching out to the community in order to seek help for him.

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Source: Harian Metro