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Message From a Stressed Employee That Working From Home

Many of us, which include me .. he he.. always love the idea of working from home. Cutting off those time to travel on the road to office, I probably can sleep a little bit longer. Eat healthily at home and probably wearing a comfortable lounge wear too.. nice, right?!

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Finally, the dreams come true when our government enforced MCO to curb the spread of Covid-19. Many of us have no choice but to work from home.

How is everyone work from home experience? Do you enjoy it? as good as what you thought?

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Anyhow, one of the anonymous netizen is sharing his/her experience working from home, with one comment ” Because you Work From Home, your working hours will increase as compared to working in the office ”

A post shared by a Facebook user, En. R that an anonymous netizen, who is stressed working from home has DM him about his work schedule.

“because you’re working from home and I can’t monitor you so working from 8 am to 6 pm is not sufficient.”

However, that netizen too said that he/she was able to submit and complete the workload from 8 am to 6 pm. What’s more intolerant is that the boss even WhatsApp him/her after working hours. However, he/she felt asleep and didn’t replied the WhatsApp

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The next day, the boss said in the WhatsApp group that “whoever is being uncooperative and does not respond on time, you’re welcome to resign. ”

En. R further advised all bosses to have trust in your workers and not to take advantage of these poor workers during this critical time being.

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And He also urged all workers not to be lazy and sloppy while working from home, make sure to complete all assigned tasks before deadlines.

People, let us know if you have the same experience working from home during MCO?