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Newborn Babies Are Given Mini Face Shields By Hospital To Protect Them From Covid-19!

Newborn babies are at a higher risk for sickness because their immune systems doesn’t mature yet. Since it’s the outbreak of Covid-19, thus, the hospitals are trying their very best to protect the little ones.

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Few day ago, Paolo Hospital in Samut Prakarn province in Thailand shared some photos and it went viral on Facebook.

“We have extra protection measures for little ones and friends with face shield for newborns. So cute! Congratulations to all mummys and daddys! ” the post wrote.

As we can see from the photos, the newborn babies in Paolo Hospital are given face shields which are made specially for them. Not only the doctors and nurses wear the face shields but also the babies with the mini ones. Trying their very best to protect the babies from infecting Covid-19.

OMG! The little angels with face shields are so adorable! 

According to China Press, there are 63 newborn babies in the hospital and all of them are wearing the face shields for protection.

You might think that wearing the face shields would be uncomfortable for the babies, Check this out fthose pictures! Despite the covers on their head, they sleep so well and no cries at all!

The medical teams in Thailand did their best to protect the little angels.The little ones are so adorable and they seem like knowing what’s the world are facing now.

Babies give us hopes and happiness! We should believe that we will see our hopes very soon and getting through it!

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Source: Facebook | China Press