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PJ Woman Was Detained After Shouting Police ” Idiots” At Roadblock

Photos Credit to: Malaysia Gazette China Press

We’re close to two weeks into Movement Control Order (MCO) and tomorrow we are entering our second phase of MCO. Authorities are forced to take stricter actions which include public transport hours from 6am-10am and 5pm-10pm and police will also increase the number of road closure in several areas to reduce crowd movement.

According to Malaysia Gazette, in a roadblock along Persiaran Suria, a 44-year-old woman, a sales manager was detained after shouting at police personnel.

Credit : China Press

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Nik Ezanee Mohd Faisal explained that they had set up the roadblock because many people were still driving far from their home to buy necessities. MCO allows the public to go out and purchase essential gods but it should not be abused.

In the incident which happened around 9.30am today (31 March), the woman had just reached her house after the extensive roadblocks. The woman who lived in an apartment right opposite the roadblock repeatedly honked for 30 minutes to reach her home faster.

Credit : China Press

“Oi.. stupid idiots! Why are you doing roadblocks till there’s massive jam everywhere!” the woman argue with police about the roadblock that allegedly made it difficult for her to buy her household goods.

However, the policeman on duty requested for her ID and detained her.

“She called us idiots. Well, we are idiots who have your safety in our hearts and minds, We have a job to do and to keep you safe” Nik Ezanee told the reporters, adding that they will only accept you travelling far to buy your necessities if only ALL the shops in your area were closed.

These Policemen are just doing their job to ensure of our safety. Please be nice to them.. Just #StayAtHome lah! 

Source : Malaysia Gazette China Press