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Responsible Citizen Urged Individuals Who In Contact with Her Positive Tested Mother For Health Screening

Photos credit to: Lipis

Covid-19 have reached 1,284,754 cases globally with 70,320 death reported (as of 6th April 2020). Yes, it is a global pandemic that rapidly spreads across the world.

And, have you ever come across this question: what will you do if your family members tested positive with Covid-19? Will you warned public or you will keep it among your family? 

Here’s what a responsible Malaysian did ! This citizen’s mom was tested positive for Covid-19, with no hesitation, he quickly spread the news on social media platform, disclosing the pictures of their mom and the name as well. They also urged individuals who might get contact with their mom to do heath screening as soon as possible.

Original Post (Translated): 

We are sad to announce that our mother Siah Bt Jusoh has been tested and confirmed positive for Covid 19 after being tested twice. We humbly request the cooperation of any individuals who have been in contact with us on March 16-29 to conduct a health screening at KK Merapoh.

The Lipis Mental Health Department has also come to our house for further investigation. We have been ordered to quarantine at home for 14 days from today 3/4/2020 to 4/4/2020.

Please pray for our health


▼ The family’s transparency had gain a lot of respect from Netizens

▼Transparency is a good way to stop the Covid-19 chain

▼Not everyone can be that sporting and transparent, some even felt “malu” if they family members or themselves caught with Covid-19

▼According to one of the netizen, unfortunately the Makcik have been unconscious for 4 days!

▼Hopefully makcik will recovery soon…

▼The family deserved the respect, thank you and hats off to you !

Source: Lipis